Arts For The Blues Publications

Haslam, S., Parsons, A.S., Omylinska-Thurston, J., Nair, K., Harlow, J., Lewis, J., Thurston, S., Griffin, J., Dubrow-Marshall, L. and Karkou, V. (2019). Arts for the Blues – A New Creative Psychological Therapy for Depression: Pilot Workshop Report. Perspectives in Public Health. Volume: 139 issue: 3, page(s): 137-146

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Karkou, V., Omylinska-Thurston, J., Parsons, A.S., Lewis, J., Dubrow-Marshall, L.,  Thurston, S. (in preparation). Arts for the Blues: Initial results from IAPT services on a  new evidence-based psychological intervention for depression. 

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Thurston, S., Griffin, J., Karkou, V., Omylinska-Thurston, J. (in preparation) Getting out of your own way: an interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and therapists. Journal of Applied Arts and Health.  

Prof Vicky Karkou

Authored Books

Karkou, V. and Sanderson, P. (2006) Arts Therapies: A Research-Based Map of the Field.  Edinburgh: Elsevier Publishers

Edited Books  

Karkou, V. (2010) Arts Therapies in Schools: Research and Practice. London: Jessica Kingsley. 

Karkou, V., Oliver, S. and Lycouris, S. (2017) The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Cochrane Reviews

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Journal Articles

Athanasiadou, Foteini, Kagiafa, Diana, Karkou, Vicky, Lykopoulou, Mirto, Babalis, Tasos, Bitzaraki, Aggeliki, Bouzioti, Candia, Sambathianaki, Ergina and Tsiris, Giorgos (2016) The CATI team: Experiences and reflections regarding the co-action of arts therapies.Approaches: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Music Therapy. ISSN 2459-3338

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Ailsa Parsons

Parsons, A. S. & Dubrow-Marshall, L. (in press). ‘Putting themselves out there’ into the unknown: Dance movement psychotherapy as perceived by five educators and three pupils. Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy.

Parsons, A. S. & Dubrow-Marshall, L. (in preparation). ‘I’m able to put my thoughts into picturing them physically’ – Phenomenological experiences of Dance Movement Psychotherapy in a Secondary School: Unexpected Empowerment over External Contingency. The Arts in Psychotherapy.

Parsons, A. S. & Whelen, L. (2014). An Exploratory Pilot Investigation to Determine How Individual Traits, Screen-Watching and Nutrition Knowledge Predict Overeating in University Students. British Psychological Society Annual Conference.

Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall

Dubrow-Marshall, L. (2013, in press). Curiosity and willingness to learn: Linda Dubrow-Marshall offers advice for counselors on working with former cult members. Therapy Today.

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Dr Joanna Omylinska-Thurston

Omylinska-Thurston, J., Walton, P., McMeekin, A. and Proctor, G. (in preparation) Client perceptions of unhelpful aspects of CBT within IAPT serving an inner city/deprived area. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 

Omylinska-Thurston, J, & Vos, J., Cooper, M. (in preparation) Helpful processes in psychological therapy with cancer patients. Psycho-oncology

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Dr Scott Thurston Publications

Poems for the Dance (Llangattock: Aquifer Press, 2017) (ISBN: 978-0-9928438-9-2)

Figure Detached Figure Impermanent (Hunstanton: Oystercatcher, 2014) (ISBN: 978-1-905885-69-5)

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Of Being Circular (Knives Forks and Spoons: Newton-le-Willows, 2010) (ISBN: 978-0-9563928-5-5)

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Hold: Poems 1994-2004 (Shearsman: Exeter, 2006) (ISBN: 0-907562-83-3)


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Julianne Harlow

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Journal articles (ii) non-refereed:

HARLOW, J., 2011. Baby Friendly Accreditation. Community Practitioner. 84 (10), pp 40-41.