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Arts for the Blues

Evidence-based Creative Psychological Therapy for Depression

What is Arts for the Blues?

Arts for the Blues is a creative arts-based group intervention for depression, low mood and anxiety, developed by researchers and artists at the universities of Edge Hill and Salford in the North West of England. It is an evidence-based model for delivering creative psychotherapies with adults and children. Arts for the Blues was originally designed to address the needs of primary mental health service patients and offers an alternative to current provision in NHS Talking Therapies services.


View our Arts for the Blues toolkit to see resources for individuals and organisations

This type of therapy can help with >

Reduce depression and anxiety

Our work with people in healthcare and the community has helped to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Improve wellbeing and quality of life

We work to support individuals’ wellbeing within their community and to improve quality of life.

Meeting others

Our work with groups has supported those who might struggle in a group environment to join in at their own pace and meet others. 

Areas of creativity >

Visual arts

Groups might include mark making and working with art materials to create and share.


Gentle movement activities can help to support the connection between the mind and body

Creative writing

Playful creative writing activities can introduce using words to express thoughts, ideas and emotions. 

Music making

Using music, rhythm and simple voice activities can encourage groups to work together. 

“It is a brilliant programme, I was apprehensive at first but it was great”

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    Toolkit & Resources >

    View our Arts for the Blues toolkit to see resources for individuals and organisations