12th July 2024 one day training in Arts for the Blues at Edge Hill University

We are happy to offer a new date of 12 July at Edge Hill University for our one day training, following our 12th June event at the University of Salford The full description of training is here: https://www.salford.ac.uk/school-health-society/continuing-professional-development-cpd

Arts for the Blues: a new creative therapy model for depression

Duration: 1 day 10.00am – 4.00pm

Price: £180

Course date: 12th July 2024 (Edge Hill University)

Course length: 1 day at Edge Hill University.

Overview of the course

The Arts for the Blues is an evidence-based creative psychotherapy model for depression, which has been developed in collaboration between The University of Salford and Edge Hill University. It is based on pluralistic approach and can be used when working with groups and individuals. It uses a range of creative modalities such as drawing, movement, music etc. It is a structured framework yet flexible in content and adaptable to a wide range of client demographics.

The training programme will introduce learners to the Arts for the Blues model, including the theoretical framework and the key therapeutic ingredients. It will offer a space for exploration of the model while allowing learners to develop their own practice with the Arts for the Blues framework.

Who is the course for?

Learners on this training programme will be those who hold professional qualifications or are in training in psychological therapies including psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and arts therapists.

What does the course cover?

The course will cover the following topics related to the Arts for the Blues model:

  • The development and evidence-base underpinning the model
  • The eight key ingredients
  • Experiential practice including a range of creative activities

What to expect?

The course has a specific focus; the purpose of the day will be to explore the Arts for the Blues model, including the theoretical framework and the key ingredients and we will also give opportunities to experience the model in action.

Alongside more formal presentations, a large part of the training will be experiential, where participants will have an opportunity to experience creative techniques and to begin to design their own activities. Participants will receive advice and guidance and will have an opportunity to ask questions.  Participants will also be signposted to further sources of information and expertise.

Please note that the course offers an addition to existing qualifications in counselling/ therapy and does not offer a qualification in arts therapy.

For more information about Arts for the Blues please see https://artsfortheblues.com

Get in Touch

If you would like to enquire on further dates, prices or to book this course please contact Karkouv@edgehill.ac.uk at Edge Hill University.

Book your place

To book your place visit the link here: https://store.edgehill.ac.uk/short-courses/continuing-professional-development-cpd/continuing-professional-development-cpd/arts-for-the-blues



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