The Arts in Psychotherapy weekend event

Personal and professional flourishing for one’s self, clients, and communities- a weekend of workshops, reflections and growth.

1st – 2nd June 2019 Edge Hill University

How might we flourish as individuals, who nurture ourselves and others? What supports flourishing, wellbeing and development for clients, professionals and communities?  In this workshop we will explore experientially the arts in psychotherapy as a means for nurturing of ourselves, our clients and the communities we live in.

This experiential weekend will draw on our experiences of working as arts therapists and psychotherapists using artistic and creative media; and will be an opportunity for those interested in ways that the arts can be used for non-verbal expression in psychotherapy to engage, experience, and hopefully enjoy paying soft and careful attention to their own non-verbal capacity for self-expression.

We will draw upon current research from the Arts for the Blues project and discussion of the emerging findings on ‘helpful factors’.  We will experientially explore some of these factors: active engagement with the arts and the body, learning skills, developing relational skills, experiencing and expressing emotions, getting to the root of the problem, experimenting with different ways of being and integrating useful material back to one’s life.

The focus of the work will be personal: drawing on participants’ experiences. Experiences will be used for self and professional development but will not be therapy or training.  It provides a taste of how training in this area ‘looks and feels’ and what engaging in the arts in psychotherapy offers to clients, professionals and their communities.  For this reason, the weekend will provide a taste of content within the MSc in Psychotherapy and Counselling: Contemporary Creative approaches that is currently offered at the University.

This weekend will be of interest to artists, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, and other health professionals and educators interested in the use of the arts for wellbeing, development and growth.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students and those with interest in the area of arts and wellbeing will also be very welcome.

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