Video excerpts of the key ingredients

We are delighted to showcase our short videos which illustrate the eight key ingredients which underpin the design and delivery of this creative psychological therapy model.

The key ingredients have been formed from the results of our thematic synthesis of 76 articles referring to helpful factors in the treatment of depression across a range of NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) therapeutic interventions including CBT, counselling for depression, psychodynamic and arts psychotherapies. The helpful factors in psychotherapeutic treatments for depression, integrated from client-reported findings across different psychotherapies and crystallised by the researchers’ experiential knowledge and creative explorations, have led the team to devise the eight key ingredients for the creative psychological therapy.

To illustrate how these ingredients can be applied, the research team led and filmed a group therapy session so practitioners are able to visualise how they could be incorporated into sessions in a real life context. More discussion and content regarding the individual videos to follow.