E-arts for covid blues: online workshop

ESRC Festival of Social Science

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Covid-19 and lockdown have affected people psychologically in different ways such as struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and loss.

In response, the Arts for the Blues team are offering a free online creative psychological therapeutic session for working with these problems, as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science. We will use simple creative tools such as movement, drawing or writing as well as talking and the session will involve small and large group work. The workshop will last 90 minutes (10:00-11.30) followed by a 30 min break and then we are reconvening for a one hour group discussion (12:00-13:00). Private space, internet connection and basic art materials are essential. No previous artistic experience is required.

The workshop is intended to be beneficial for participants and could be mildly therapeutic, although it is not offered as therapy. It will also give space to reflect. You will asked to carefully check your eligibility against the inclusion/exclusion criteria before you attend.

As the sessions are part of the larger research study called Arts for the Blues, we intend to gather data from this event to further the study. This will involve the completion of some online questionnaires. Full information will be provided nearer the time and you will be asked for your consent to this.

To book please follow the link here booking information link.