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  • IMEC International Meaning Conference

    IMEC International Meaning Conference

    London, 12-14th July 2019 This Saturday, Dr Joanna Omylinska-Thurston and Prof Vicky Karkou are presenting Arts for the Blues : A Creative Psychological Intervention for Depression, at the IMEC International Meaning Conference; a bi-annual international conference in the UK for practitioners and researchers who focus at meaning in life and at helping people to live a meaningful life despite life’s challenges…

  • Division of counselling psychology annual conference

    Division of counselling psychology annual conference

    Cardiff, July 2019 Dr Joanna Omylinska-Thurston, Dr Scott Thurston and Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall from the Arts for the Blues team, recently presented an update of our work at the annual conference, which each year attracts academics and practitioners working in around the field of psychology. The Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference exists to provide…

  • Journal article published

    Journal article published

    Arts for the blues – a new creative psychological therapy for depression British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 9th July 2019 The Arts for the Blues team have just had their second journal article published for this project. This paper presents an interdisciplinary synthesis of key active ingredients in psychological treatment for depression, from both talking therapies, and…

  • BACP 2019 conference presentation

    The Arts for the Blues team have been in Belfast this week presenting at the 25th Annual Research Conference of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. We received some excellent and encouraging feedback from our attendees and thoroughly enjoyed the conference as participants. For an abstract of the paper we presented see below bacp-research-conference-2019-abstracts

  • The Arts in Psychotherapy weekend event

    The Arts in Psychotherapy weekend event

    Personal and professional flourishing for one’s self, clients, and communities- a weekend of workshops, reflections and growth. 1st – 2nd June 2019 Edge Hill University How might we flourish as individuals, who nurture ourselves and others? What supports flourishing, wellbeing and development for clients, professionals and communities?  In this workshop we will explore experientially the…

  • Video excerpts of the key ingredients

    Video excerpts of the key ingredients

    We are delighted to showcase our short videos which illustrate the eight key ingredients which underpin the design and delivery of this creative psychological therapy model. The key ingredients have been formed from the results of our thematic synthesis of 76 articles referring to helpful factors in the treatment of depression across a range of…

  • Workshop design and rationale

    Workshop design and rationale

    To date the team have conducted experiential workshops for the creative psychological therapy both at Edge Hill and within Greater Manchester NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust. We are currently working hard to refine and update the workshop protocol and its key ingredients, incorporating participants and practitioner experiences and feedback from qualitative, quantitative and arts based…

  • Lights, Camera, Action

    Lights, Camera, Action

    This week the team worked with a film crew to capture the workshop in real time with genuine participants. We intend to provide visual examples of the key ingredients that underpin the design of the therapy, which we hope will be useful for practitioners who are interested in creative therapies, or for health care professionals…

  • Journal article published!

    Journal article published!

    Our first article for this research study has been published in Perspectives in Public Health, a link to which is below. The article details how we developed the framework for a new pluralistic ‘meta-approach’ of therapy for depression, based on; an interdisciplinary thematic synthesis of active ingredients, considered specific features implemented in therapy, and client-reported…

  • Arts and Psychotherapy event at Edge Hill University

    Arts and Psychotherapy event at Edge Hill University

    The Arts For The Blues team recently presented their work at an exciting and inspirational Arts and Psychotherapy one day event at Edge Hill University featuring talks, workshops and performances. The event explored the contribution that the arts can make to one’s emotional wellbeing and mental health, and the relationship of the arts and psychotherapy.…